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Robin Cooper, Founder and President of Robin Cooper Research Group, brings more than 20 years of experience in providing exceptional market research and consulting work to the global healthcare sector.

Robin has built a stellar reputation in life sciences and consumer research, and is known for being one of North America's leading professional qualitative researchers. Her ability to work with all key audiences; from consumers to caregivers, educators to executives enables her to provide truly unique insights for her clients.

Robin combines her creativity and hands-on experience in qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including on-line/internet data collection techniques, ethnographic, quali-quant, and observational research, store walk-n-shops/walk-abouts, and idea-generation workshops to delve deeper and provide meaningful results.

Coming from a medical family, she has a keen understanding of healthcare professionals, their language and culture as well as consumers and their health needs, and how they relate to healthcare and their emotional well-being.

Robin Cooper

Robin was a Senior Vice President at Camelford Graham, Senior Vice President, Healthcare at IFOP Canada Market Research, and a founding partner of Cooper and Henshaw, before founding Robin Cooper Research Group… your answer to the research puzzle.

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